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A Good Investment

Since 2009 hundreds of people in financial trouble have gotten help from a non-profit organization>>>>>

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The First 100 (Plus)

This week Jim Hummel sits down for a wide-ranging interview with Governor Gina Raimondo, as she offers an assessment of her first three months in office>>>>>

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A Powerful Symbol

One in four Americans has a diagnosed form of mental illness, but two out of three don’t seek help >>>>>


Recent Hummel Investigations

  • A Powerful Symbol

    With a rapidly increasing elderly population, Rhode Island has many residents exploring insurance options for long-term in-home or nursing home care...

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  • Updates and Breaking News

    Pawtucket council votes for GPS in city vehicles - "The vote to add GPS was largely motivated by the case of Maj. Bruce Moreau, the officer caught on video by Jim Hummel using his city vehicle for personal business."

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