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Meet the Candidates

This week we continue our in-depth profiles of the four major candidates running for governor. Democrat Frank Caprio and Republican John Robitaille -  on the campaign trail and in sit-down interviews with Jim Hummel - offer their views on the issues, the campaign, their styles and heading down the homestretch to Election Day. We have separate profile pieces on Caprio and Robitialle, with additional links of outtakes from the interviews. So a total of four links to look at this week (plus a brief overview of the Caprio/Robitaille stories on our main page). If you missed last week's pieces on Lincoln Chafee and Ken Block, go to our `Archives' page.



I'm Jim Hummel and this week we begin our in-depth profiles of the four major candidates running for governor. Over the past month I've followed them all from forums - to festivals - to factory tours This week we focus on the two independent candidates: Ken Block and Lincoln Chafee.


Four years after the stinging loss of his U.S. Senate seat Linc Chafee is back on the campaign trail - banking on his name and record to carry him,  after shunning his often-rocky relationship the Republican Party. As you will hear from Chafee - it means he has had to take on the role of hatchet man, at times, with no party structure to shield or to boost him.

In a wide-ranging interview Chafee talks about his record, his father, the media and his opponents.

Ken Block may not  be a household name in Rhode Island, but he's been working hard to change that. The founder of the moderate party - a small businessman who has sunk $400,000 of his own money into the campaign - has come a long way from his first debate.

Block does not shy away from criticizing those he calls the career-politicians, offering specific proposals on a variety of topics.

Next week we will have profiles on Democrat Frank Caprio and Republican John Robitaille. But this week we offer you separate profiles on Chafee and Block. Click on the links below for each of those and on separate links to see outtakes from my interviews that focus on where both of the candidates stand on the issues.