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So you thought the elections were over last month? Not for the voters of Central Falls, who next week go back to the polls to choose a new mayor. This week Jim Hummel goes on the campaign trail with the two candidates vying to replace former mayor Charles Moreau. We have separate profiles on City Councilman James Diossa and former Police Chief Joseph Moran.


For Jim's profile on James Diossa, click here.


For Jim's profile on Joe  Moran, click here.


Jim Hummel interviews the final two candidates in the Central Falls race for the Mayor's office, City Councilman James Diossa and former Police Chief Joseph Moran.


Jim Hummel won an Associated Press Award for Investigative Journalism for his reports in Central Falls that eventually led to former Mayor Charles Morea pleading guilty to corruption charges. See the links below for past report on Central Falls.


Past Reports

A Conflicted Story 1.14.2010


Ten months ago Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau needed the furnace in his house replaced. The bill – for $6,875 - didn’t go to the mayor, but to a longtime friend and campaign contributor, who at the time was doing tens of thousands of dollars of work for the city – work given to him by the mayor. This week we go straight to the mayor for an explanation.


One Sweet Deal 1.21.2010


We are back in Central Falls this week, where the heat is on City Hall. How and why did a close friend of the mayor’s get the inside track on boarding up foreclosed houses, making hundreds of thousands of dollars before the work even went out to bid? Jim Hummel learns the contractor – who is also a campaign contributor to the mayor - had the full force of City hall behind him…and now has the state police asking questions.


The Attorney General's Perspective 1.29.2010


As the state police continue to investigate potential corruption at Central Falls City Hall, we sit down with Attorney General Patrick Lynch, a friend and political ally of Mayor Charles Moreau. The AG gives us his take on our series of stories, the investigation into Moreau's administration, Lynch's own public support in the past for the mayor and much more. Jim Hummel reports.


In For A Dollar 2.11.2010


Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau is under fire for selling a piece of city-owned land to a political ally... for a dollar. The mayor convinced the City Council it would be good economic development, saying a  local businessman planned to put up a brand new million-dollar building on the site. But we learned the businessman knows nothing about it and the mayor is nowhere to be found. This week, Jim Hummel goes to the City Council - which gave Moreau permission to sell the lot - for answers.


No Bid? No Problem 2.18.2010


By day, Richard Aubin Jr. is the chief mechanic at his family's car repair business in Central Falls. But on the first Monday night of every month he trades his overalls for a suit - and a seat - as a councilman inside City Hall. That has not stopped him having a no-bid contract with the Police Department to service its vehicles. This week, Jim Hummel goes one-on-one with the councilman and takes us inside the numbers to see how much Aubin's family business has received from the city.


Sink Your Teeth Into This 4.1.2010


Last summer a Central Falls City Council candidate - and political rival of the mayor - was campaigning door-to-door when an unlicensed pit bull darted out from the back yard of a house in his district and bit him twice. This week Jim Hummel tries to find out how the pit bull (the breed is banned by ordinance in the city) suddenly received a license from City Hall, who may have been behind it and why the police won't get involved.


Cashing In 4.14.2012


Retirement, as the saying goes, isn't always what it's cracked up to be. That's particularly true in the city of Central Falls. Last week, Jim Hummel called the police chief about a deal the chief made to ``retire'' and begin collecting a pension, while remaining on the job as chief, at a higher salary. Over the weekend, the chief put out a written press release reacting to our inquiry - but it didn't include all of the details. Now we have them, after Hummel sat down with Chief Moran for a wide-ranging interview about the deal and the public's perception of it.


Politics of a Prison 5.6.2010


The Wyatt Detention Center has generated millions of dollars for the city of Central Falls since it opened  in 1993. But that money dried up a year and a half ago when a prisoner died in custody and the feds pulled some of their inmates.  That led to Mayor Charles Moreau stepping in and shaking up management at a facility that had previously had a stellar track record. But have those moves been in the best interest of the taxpayers? This week Jim Hummel takes a closer look at how politics have infiltrated the prison.


From there to Here 9.20.2012


It began in early 2010 when Jim Hummel asked Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau if he had received a free furnace from a political contributor and contractor.  Moreau's responses during that interview launched state and federal investigations into the mayor's administration, culminating Wednesday with Moreau and the contractor pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. This week the Hummel Report traces how Mayor Moreau went from a politician with an iron grip on his city, to a soon-to-convicted felon facing prison time.