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Rehoboth Update

Rehoboth Police Chief's Time Sheet Shows Discrepancies


REHOBOTH - Police Chief Stephen Enos put in for a full day's pay during two weeks in February, even though he only spent several hours at the police station in the morning, before returning to an apartment in Pawtucket where he's been living for months, according to time sheets obtained by The Hummel Report. (see the time sheets HERE and HERE).


During the weeks of February 14th and February 21st the embattled chief left Pawtucket each day (except  Feb. 21st) around 9 o'clock,  occasionally stopping at the Dunkin' Donuts at the corner of Routes 118 and 44, before heading to the station for the morning. He would leave anytime between 11 and  noon. One day he left at 12:15 p.m

The time sheets indicate he did not put in for  sick, holiday, or comp time on every one of  those days,  except for President's Day on Monday Feb. 21st, which he took as a holiday.

Enos did not return a call from The Hummel Report seeking to clear up the discrepancy.

``He puts in, I don't know, probably 60 hours a week,'' Board of Selectman Chairman Ken Foley told the Hummel Report  in an interview after the Feb. 28th board meeting. And for a time that was true. When Enos was hired in October of 2008 after retiring as a lieutenant from the East Providence Police Department, he put in marathon hours, often getting to station by 6:30 a.m., and staying late. It was not unusual to see him on some nights and holidays.

But after a highly-publicized drinking incident at the Riviera Inn in East Providence on Dec.  10th and a no-confidence vote from the rank-and-file the chief has been a no-show for much of the time at  the station, either leaving undocumented for much of the day - or putting in for sick, vacation or holiday time.

The Hummel Report began following him a month ago, and the trail led to 45 Dodge  Street - an apartment in Pawtucket where the woman who accompanied him to the Riviera  Inn party lives.

According to the time sheets, obtained Friday by The Hummel Report, Enos put in for a series of vacation days, carried over from 2009 and 2010 on Feb. 1st, 2nd and 3rd, a vacation day from his regular bank of days on Feb. 4th and a personal day on Monday Feb. 7th. He also put in for holidays that he apparently worked, but banked the time. The records indicate that he worked Thanksgiving Day (taking the day on Feb. 8th), and half a day on Dec. 24th and Dec. 31st (taking a full day on Feb. 9th) and New Year's Day (taking it on Feb. 10th).

He also took a sick day on Monday Feb. 28th, the day of the last selectmen's meeting, which he did not attend.

Our investigation shows that in addition to putting in for his full pay, $1,819.10 per week (or $94,593 a year), Enos has been living in Pawtucket,  a violation of the residency clause in his contract, as well as a provision in the town bylaws. We found that the chief  has not been living  in town since he separated from his third wife late last summer.

Selectmen Ken Foley and Don Leffort,  the liaison to the Police Department said  they both were unaware of our findings and would  talk to the chief about them. Foley said he believed Enos was living on Blanding Road, where he had lived before his separation.

``No kidding, that's interesting,'' Foley responded, when we informed him that Enos had been living in Pawtucket.