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A Hummel Report Investigation

Governor Raimondo

After a marathon campaign season and a hectic transition period, Gina Raimondo officially became Rhode Island’s first female governor this week. In a wide-ranging interview with The Hummel Report just before taking office, she outlines her priorities for the first term. And, she tells Jim Hummel, there are some major challenges that her team has been working on already.


Gina Raimondo had been waiting for this day a long timeā€¦some might say for years.
And when she finally took the oath as governor Tuesday afternoon, Raimondo became the first woman in Rhode Island to do so.
This week’s inauguration came after a hectic transition period, and little time to celebrate her November victory.
Raimondo: ``You know the hardest thing about the transition is just the magnitude of the effort.’’
In a wide-ranging interview at her transition office last week Raimondo told us the eight weeks between Election Day and Inauguration Day have been a governmental baptism-by-fire.
Raimondo: ``The budget’s a mess. It’s at least a $200 million shortfall this year - probably more than that. And it’s going to double in the next two years as we lose Twin River revenue. For too long we’ve been avoiding the difficult decisions.’’
Hummel: ``In the back of your mind did you think it might be worse than I think? ‘’
Raimondo: ``Yes, yes because that actually happened to me when I was treasurer. You know, when I was campaigning for treasurer I knew the pension was a mess, but then when you finally get in there and you start to unpack the problem, it was a much bigger, more difficult problem than I thought.’’

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