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Meet the Candidates - Bob Healey

Cool Moose -turned-Moderate Party candidate Bob Healey is making his fourth run for governor. While some things have changed since his first race (the proliferation of social media), other things remain the same (he still does not accept campaign contributions). This week Jim Hummel sits down with Healey, who rejects the idea that voting for him is a ``wasted’’ vote. Hear why.


Just off one of the busiest stretches of Route 95, a mural is taking shape on a concrete building facing the Thurber’s Avenue curve. A closer look shows that the face of the mural is the guy who designed it -and is now painting it.
Bob Healey, the Cool-Moose-turned-Moderate-Party candidate is running for governor the only way he knows how: as a third-party candidate who refuses to take campaign contributions. So while his opponents raise money to spend on traditional advertising, Healey is enjoying a cigar on a perfect fall day while creating his own ad, of sorts.
Healey: ``People, I think, don’t vote, because they feel the system has left them and I think that it’s wrong.’’
This is Healey’s fourth time around for governor. He hadn’t planned on another run - until he was drafted by the Moderate Party, after its founder Ken Block bolted for the Republican Party and this year’s candidate had to drop out for medical reasons. So the party turned to a guy who knows about running for governor, having founded his own party and getting nearly 10 percent of the vote two decades ago.
Hummel: ``There is some irony in that the founder of the Moderate Party, decided he couldn’t make a go of it as a third party. And you believe in third parties to come in. How do you resolve all that? Ken Bock flipped the switch and said if I really want to be governor I can’t do it with a third party.’’
Healey: ``Philosophically I disagree with him and philosophically I think a third party is a way for people to express what they feel as opposed to the two party setup.’’
In 2014 Healey is taking advantage of something he didn’t have for previous elections: an abundance of social media. He is writing a daily campaign journal and answering questions emailed to him.  Because he is spending no money, the candidate takes advantage of every free media opportunity he can get - from talk radio appearances to public access television programs. Unlike his opponents, Healey will go wherever his in invited to talk about the campaign.

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