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A Hummel Report Investigation

A (Big) Bump in the Road

It's a state highway that thousands of vehicles use every day - but one that a local businessman says is an accident waiting to happen. That's because heavy truck traffic has shoved the asphalt at one intersection on Route 3 in Coventry into 25-foot-long bump in the middle of the road. The Rhode Island D.O.T. tells Jim Hummel help is on the way, but is it enough?


From a distance Route 3 looks like any other busy highway in Rhode Island - as thousands of cars and trucks use it every day to make their way through the town of Coventry.
Take a closer look and you'll see a raised asphalt divider between the turn lane onto Reservoir Road and the northbound travel lanes.
The 25-foot-long elevation of the road isn't intentional.
Assalone: ``It's been fixed at least a couple of times. And they don't fix it right.''
John Assalone travels this stretch of road daily to get to his business just off Reservoir Road. He describes the buckled asphalt a camel hump.
Assalone: The asphalt keeps getting pushed up when it's warm by the turning of the trucks and school buses.''
Hundreds of trucks turn onto Reservoir Road from Route 3 every day - some going to an asphalt plant, others loaded with logs going to and from a tree service business.  And school buses that go back forth to Coventry High.
Assalone says the Rhode Island Department of Transportation has tried unsuccessfully over and over again to fix the road.
Assalone: ``It was the same people that put down the same asphalt, same year and the next year and the next year and all of the roads are screwed up.''
Hummel: ``A quick fix?''
Assalone: ``Quick fix.''
Hummel: ``How quickly does it bubble up?''

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