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Breaking News:
Pawtucket Fire Marshal calls it quits

PAWTUCKET - Fire Marshall Steven Parent called it quits Friday, two weeks after a Hummel Report investigation revealed he had put his girlfriend's daughter on his family medical plan, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars in claims.

Parent cleaned out his desk on Thursday and put in his retirement papers on Friday - even though he told us in an interview last month he did nothing wrong and had clearance from the city to add the girl to his Blue Cross plan.

Parent told us he added the teenager on his plan - along with his ex-wife and his own two daughters - during the city's open enrollment period in July of 2011, in anticipation of marrying her mother that fall. But the marriage did not happen and the girl was on his plan for almost a year before he removed her last spring.  The couple is still not married. 

Mayor Donald Grebien, in response to our findings, ordered a police investigation, which included interviews with Parent, his girlfriend, and the former city employee who Parent said discussed the situation with her, and had approved adding the girl. That employee, Maria Xiarhos, contacted The Hummel Report earlier this month after watching our interview with Parent, saying she never had the conversation that Parent relayed to us. She told us she was under the impression the girl was his stepdaughter from a previous marriage.

A spokesman for the mayor tells The Hummel Report the city's detective division, after consulting with the attorney general's office, cleared Parent Friday of any potential criminal charges. Eight days after our story, Parent wrote the city a check for approximately $3,000 to cover the girl's medical claims over a 10-month period.

Parent, who would have marked 25 years on the job next month, announced his decision to retire on Friday, short-circuiting any potential disciplinary action from the city's human resource department. He will be able to begin collecting  approximately 60 percent of his $65,000 salary immediately, the maximum allowed. He had worked in the department's fire prevention division for more than a decade, the last two years as fire marshal.  He was hired on Jan. 15, 1988.

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