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A Hummel Report Investigation

Meet the Candidates

So you thought the elections were over last month? Not for the voters of Central Falls, who next week go back to the polls to choose a new mayor. This week Jim Hummel goes on the campaign trail with the two candidates vying to replace former mayor Charles Moreau. We have separate profiles on City Councilman James Diossa and former Police Chief Joseph Moran.

For Jim's profile on James Diossa, click here.
For Jim's profile on Joe  Moran, click here.


Jim Hummel interviews the final two candidates in the Central Falls race for the Mayor's office, City Councilman James Diossa and former Police Chief Joseph Moran.

Jim Hummel won an Associated Press Award for Investigative Journalism for his reports in Central Falls that eventually led to former Mayor Charles Morea pleading guilty to corruption charges. See the links below for past report on Central Falls.


A Conflicted Story


One Sweet Deal


The Attorney General's Perspective


In For A Dollar


No Bid? No Problem


Sink Your Teeth Into This


Cashing In


Politics of a Prison


Power Play


One on One - Extra Footage


One on One


Another Way


From There to Here


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