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A Hummel Report Investigation

The Mayor's Response

The Rhode Island State Police has determined there is not enough evidence to criminally charge Pawtucket Police Major Bruce Moreau - despite our four-month investigation showing him on area golf courses and at home on days when city records say he was paid to be at work. We’ve learned the case isn’t over - as now it moves to an internal investigation. But Mayor Donald Grebien says state law prohibits him from even confirming there is an administrative case.  Jim Hummel asks the mayor about it anyway.

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Click here to see the Rhode Island Law Enforcement Officer's Bill of Rights.


The Rhode Island State Police has concluded there was not enough evidence to charge Pawtucket Police Major Bruce Moreau with a crime, despite a four-month Hummel Report investigation showing the 30-year veteran on area golf courses, at his father’s home or his own home when his time sheet said he was working.
Grebien: ``As far as I’m concerned if verified, this is clearly stealing…’’
That was Mayor Donald Grebien, reacting in November to what we had found over the course of the summer and early fall. And he vowed at the time to take action. That was then….
Grebien: ``Bill of Rights kicks in, which controls everything we do from this point on.’’
And this was Mayor Grebien on Tuesday - saying he now cannot even confirm whether the city is going ahead with an internal investigation into the major -under a process called The Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights - he calls it LEOBOR for short.
Hummel: ``Do the state police have any role going forward?’’
Grebien: ``This is the hardest part, I can’t even under LEOBOR can’t even comment if there is an investigation, Jim, that’s how restrictive it is and what the next steps are. That’s why we have to refer everything to legal because anything I say could be used against us in that.’’

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