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A Hummel Report Investigation

True to its Mission

The name certainly turns a lot of heads: The Providence Shelter for Colored Children.  And though it has transitioned from a shelter building into a charitable foundation, the organization’s mission of helping minority children in the greater Providence area remains the same. Jim Hummel takes a look at the group’s 175-year history and finds out why some board members over the years have been the staunchest advocates for keeping the original name.

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They are today’s stewards for one of Rhode Island’s oldest independent charities.
On this Saturday morning in April a committee gathers to decide how more than $100,000 will be spread to three dozen agencies in the Providence area. 
They are members of the Providence Shelter for Colored Children - yes, you that heard correctly - which has withstood periodic efforts to change its name since the organization was founded in 1838. More on that in a minute.
Cline; ``The name actually struck me as really odd but I was intrigued.’’
Linda Cline is the group’s current president.
Not only did the name pique her curiosity but the fact there is no shelter building - that was closed in 1940 and the assets converted into a foundation. The name, though, and the group’s goals remain steadfast 70 years after the doors closed: financial support for children of color.
Cline: ``There are so many organizations that need financial assistance in order to thrive, in order to be viable.  We’re still servicing African American children in the Greater Providence area and we have not strayed from that mission.’’

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