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A Hummel Report Investigation

The First 100 (Plus)

This week Jim Hummel sits down for a wide-ranging interview with Governor Gina Raimondo, as she offers an assessment of her first three months in office and some of the challenges that have come with it. Plus, her chief of staff, in his first extended broadcast interview since coming here from Maryland. Why Rhode Island and what does the state need to fix?


That bitterly cold first day of the Raimondo Administration seems like a very long long time ago.
Raimondo: ``Today’s a special day also for me. Today is my hundredth day in office…’’
In her first three months Governor Gina Raimondo has crisscrossed the state with a focused message that we heard repeatedly during the campaign - bringing jobs back to Rhode Island and making the state business-friendly.
Hummel: ``What has been your biggest challenge in the first hundred days?’’
Raimondo: ``Only one?’’
Hummel: ``Just one.’’
Raimondo: ``You know, I need to keep people positive. People are down in Rhode Island right now, and I don’t blame them a lot of people are out of work, cynical, it’s Rhode Island, can we do this? I need to get people to be confident and optimistic and positive and open to change. Because the first step to all of this is having an attitude and a belief that, yeah, we can do it.’’
In a wide-ranging interview last week with The Hummel Report the governor talked about job development as being both a marathon and a sprint.
Hummel: ``What’s been your biggest frustration in the first 100 days?’’
Raimondo: ``Biggest frustration, you know the pace. I always want everything to move faster.’’
Hummel: ``Isn’t that the private sector?’’
Raimondo: ``Yeah, definitely harder to get things done, slower in government, but it’s hard for me, every day I’m out and about, I go grocery shopping on Sundays and I meet people in the grocery store and people are struggling.’’
Hummel: ``They want to see the cranes in the sky?’’
Raimondo: ``They want a job they want a job.’’

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