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A Hummel Report Investigation

Continuing the Tradition

Two years ago a decades-long meal program for the needy in Providence had to find a new home, when the building it had been operating out of closed. An historic Episcopal church on the city’s west side stepped up - rejuvenating a program that feeds thousands of people every year with hundreds of volunteers pitching in to do it. This week Jim Hummel finds the program is feeding more than just the physical needs of those who come every week.

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The doors won’t open for another 30 minutes, but already a crowd is gathering this Tuesday at the side entrance of All Saints’ Memorial Church on the west side of Providence.
Right at 4 o’clock a sea of people crams through the entrance, along a downstairs hallway, around a corner and into the parish hall where one of the best meals many will have this week…awaits.
Welcome to City Meal Site: started in the mid-1980s it was rejuvenated when the operation moved from the East Side - across the city two years ago.
Ames: ``The church doors, instead of opening in, now open out.’’
The Reverend David Ames is the rector at All Saints - a familiar sight to those who drive on Route 95 south in the heart of Providence. The church was founded in 1872 and is the largest Episcopal Church in the state. But like many in the diocese it had seen declining numbers when Father Ames arrived four years ago.
Ames: ``All Saints is the only Episcopal church on the west side of Providence now and it has to bring value to the surrounding community, as historic buildings have to do going forward and I saw that need and saw what was possible here and began to develop a number of programs that could do that. And the meal site is one of them.’’

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