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A Hummel Report Investigation

Unfinished Business

A leading candidate for mayor of Providence has some unfinished business with the city - literally. He and several partners took out a business loan from the city in 1987 to help launch a downtown condominium project. That loan is still largely unpaid - even though the candidate has poured more than a quarter of a million dollars of his own money into the campaign for mayor. See what he tells Jim Hummel about the loan.

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Michael Solomon is wearing several hats these days: Providence City Council president, candidate for mayor…and veteran businessman, a job Solomon had long before he got into politics.
Solomon’s most high-profile business is Wes’s Rib House in Olneyville. He also owns a catering company off Mount Pleasant Avenue. But it’s a business project in this building on Westminster Street where Solomon is a part-owner that has been his most challenging.
With the campaign for mayor in full swing, Solomon is once again answering questions about a business loan he and several partners took out from the city of Providence 27 years ago. A loan that is still largely unpaid.
Solomon: ``That loan did what it set out to do: create jobs, promote economic development and downtown living. And we continue to pay on it, it’s current and as I said before, I have not realized a cent from that project.’’
The loan was to develop condos at the Conrad building and it sounded like a promising project in 1987. Solomon and his partners received a $500,000 loan from what was then known as the Providence Economic Development Commission. They also arranged $3.5 million in private financing. Several years later they took out an additional $100,000 from the city.

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