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A Hummel Report Investigation


Taxpayers are footing the bill for dozens of new charging stations across Rhode Island - an effort by the state to get people into electric and hybrid vehicles. So what does three quarters of a million dollars buy? Jim Hummel takes a look at the rapidly-growing hybrid vehicle market: how the charging stations work, a list of where they are how government fits into the equation.

Click HERE to see the list of charging station locations.

Electric Vehicle Prices - Source: RI Office of Energy Resources
Make: Model: Base MSRP: Tax Incentive: Total:
Chevrolet Volt  $      35,000.00  $              7,500.00  $  27,500.00
Ford Focus Electric  $      36,000.00  $              7,500.00  $  28,500.00
Ford C-Maxx Energi  $      32,000.00  $              3,750.00  $  28,250.00
Ford  Fusion Energi  $      38,700.00  $              3,750.00  $  34,950.00
Honda  Fit EV  $      37,500.00  $              7,500.00  $  30,000.00
Nissan  Leaf  $      29,650.00  $              7,500.00  $  22,150.00
Tesla Model S  $      69,900.00  $              7,500.00  $  62,400.00
Toyota Prius Plug-In  $      30,000.00  $              2,500.00  $  27,500.00


From a state beach in South County, to a restaurant in East Providence, to the parking lot of an office building in Providence to the basement garage in the Department of Administration- they are gradually making a debut across Rhode Island:
Electric vehicle charging stations. A total of 50 will be up and running by the end of September - at a cost of three quarters of a million taxpayer dollars. It is one of the remaining pockets of federal stimulus money that Rhode Island received back in 2009.
And the deadline to spend it is September 2013.
Gold: `` We want to use that money in the state to do what it's supposed to do, which is create jobs, reduce energy, move us toward a sustainable future.''

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