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A Hummel Report Investigation

Rounding the Corner

As we head into the final three months of 2014, Jim Hummel has significant developments on a handful of investigations - all included in our quarterly roundup. From a controversial firing at the University of Rhode Island that has caught the attention of the FBI, to an ousted police chief returning to familiar territory to ask for a private detective’s license. Plus a preview of our coverage during the upcoming homestretch to Election Day.


As we round the corner into the final three months of 2014, and the heart of another election season, there are several significant updates on a handful of our investigations - beginning with our two-part series on the University of Rhode Island last spring that now has the attention of the FBI.
Our story profiled Andrews Winters, a veteran URI employee working with the Lesbian, Gay and Transgender community on campus. Winters quickly fell out of favor with David Dooley when he became URI’s 11th president in 2010. Within a year Winters found himself out of a job, after the head of human resources forced him into what Winters called a coerced agreement. And the university spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get rid of him.
Winters: ``Handed me an unsigned, undated, not on university letterhead, list of seven things they were going to offer me for my immediate retirement. And the stipulation that I not tell anybody was hanging in the background.’’
Dooley has refused to discuss the case with us our anyone else who has approached him. But he may have no choice now as The Hummel Report learned the FBI opened an investigation after our story ran.
Board of Education chairwoman Eva Marie Mancuso, who also would not discuss the case on camera with us, did respond to our recent email saying she has not been contacted by the feds. Dooley did not respond to us…again.

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