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Hummel is back in the Providence Journal

I am pleased to let you know The Hummel Report has entered into a collaboration with The Providence Journal, which will begin running our investigative pieces and Rhode Island Spotlight profiles beginning in October, online and in print.

Our team has spent a good portion of the summer working on the details after the Journal’s Executive Editor Alan Rosenberg and I talked in May about potentially joining forces. I have known Alan since I came to the Journal as a college intern in the summer of 1981 and was thrilled when he took over the paper’s top editorial position last spring.

Many of you know that I got my professional start at the Journal 35 years ago as a reporter - Aug. 16, 1982. I left in 1995 to take on a similar role at ABC6-TV before founding The Hummel Report in 2009. So this partnership is a homecoming of sorts and allows me to go back to my print roots.

I’m honored by Alan’s quote in the announcement the paper is publishing today: ``I'm delighted to be able to bring Jim's award-winning reports to Journal readers. Investigative reporting is one of the most important things journalists do, and Jim is a master of the craft. It will be great to have his byline back in The Journal.’’

You should know that the mission and execution of what we do at The Hummel Report will not change. We will continue to produce our long-form video pieces and I will write a print version for The Journal, based on the reporting I do for a given story. The only difference is now we will have a wider audience to view our work and the considerable reach of the Journal’s website and promotional efforts to showcase it. We remain a non-profit organization - reliant on individual, corporate and foundation contributions that allow us to maintain our editorial freedom, which we will have in providing our stories for The Journal.

We expect to publish our first story in the Journal sometime in October. Until then our team will be ``on assignment’’ working on stories and ironing out all of the technical logistics involved in launching this collaboration.

Coincidentally, we will be marking the eighth anniversary of our first Hummel Report investigation, just as our inaugural story is published in the Journal next month. We appreciate the support you have given us and look forward to this new and exciting chapter in our venture.

Jim Hummel

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