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Image Title Subject Location Date
Image Title Subject Location Date
Image “Misplaced Trust" Town Council Block Island 10/3/2019
Image “A Better Way?" India Point Park Providence 9/12/2019
Image “Protecting The Investment" Department of Transportation Statewide 8/22/2019
Image “Taking on the Town” Town Council West Warwick 8/1/2019
Image “Midyear Update” Update Statewide 6/27/2019
Image “Silent No More” School Committee South Kingstown 6/20/2019
Image “High and Dry” Department of Enviornmental Management Foster 5/2/2019
Image “Dialing for Dollars” 911 Statewide 4/11/2019
Image “Principle or Personal?” Board of Elections Statewide 3/21/2019
Image “Change in Flight Plan” Rhode Island Airport Corporation Block Island 2/21/2019
Image “Fiscal Fallout” Town Council East Greenwich 1/31/2019
Image “That's a Wrap” Update Statewide 12/20/2018
Image “Blurred Lines” Bridge and Turnpike Authority Statewide 12/6/2018
Image “(Another) Communication Breakdown” City Council Providence 11/15/2018
Image “On the Hook” Al LaGreca Smithfield 10/25/2018
Image “Second Chance?” Judiciary Statewide 10/12/2018
Image “unworthy of belief” Brian Faria East Providence 9/25/2018
Image In Limbo City Council Coventry 8/9/2018
Image Differing Plans City Council Providence 7/26/2018
Image Making Adjustments General Assembly Statewide 6/28/2018
Image Mid-Year Update Update Statewide 6/21/2018
Image Settling In Department of Transportation Warwick 5/24/2018
Will The Will of the People? Elections East Providence 4/19/2018
Icon A Matter of Trust Open Space Smithfield 3/29/2018
Icon Forced Out Richard DelFino III Johnston 3/8/2018
Icon Still Empty Department of Transportation Warwick 2/22/2018
Icon Driving Revenues T.F. Green Airport Warwick 1/25/2018
Icon Turning the Page Update Statewide 12/21/2017
Icon Hidden Update Beavertail State Park 12/14/2017
Icon No Refund For You! Department of Motor Vehicles Statewide 11/16/2017
Icon More Than Meets the Eye Department of Transportation Warwick 11/9/2017
Icon Troubled Waters Town Council North Kingstown 10/15/2017
Icon Into the Homestretch Update Statewide 9/21/2017
Icon A New Pattern Community College of Rhode Island Warwick 9/14/2017
Icon Another Set of Eyes General Assembly Statewide 8/10/2017
Icon Learning the Ropes General Assembly Statewide 7/27/2017
Icon Never Too Old? Rep. Jean Phillipe Barros Pawtucket 7/20/2017
Icon Whatever Happened To? Update Statewide 6/29/2017
Icon The Cost of Doing Business? General Assembly Statewide 6/8/2017
Icon A Big Learning Curve Department of Transportation Warwick 6/1/2017
Icon Where To Go? General Assembly Statewide 5/4/2017
Icon Clean Enough? Narragansett Bay Commission Statewide 4/20/2017
Icon Advice and Consent Ralph Mollis North Providence 4/6/2017
Icon In Case You Were Wondering Update Statewide 3/23/2017
Icon Office with a View Department of Envioronmental Management Exeter 3/9/2017
Icon Some Head Scratchers General Assembly Statewide 2/23/2017
Icon A Troubled Path Department of Transportation Charlestown 2/9/2017
Icon Savings With a Cost Wickford Junction North Kingstown 1/26/2017
Icon A Better Place Town Council Coventry 1/19/2017
Icon New Kids on the Block General Assembly Statewide 1/5/2017
Icon Year-End Update Update Statewide 12/15/2016
Icon The Independent Men Town Council Scituate 12/8/2016
Icon Question 5 Quonset Port Bond Statewide 10/27/2016
Icon Justice Delayed? Allens Ave Scrap Yard Providence 10/20/2016
Icon Assessing the Cost Sewer Project North Kingstown 10/13/2016
Icon Reports That Got Results Update Statewide 9/29/2016
Icon No Rest Town Council Hopkinton 9/15/2016
Icon Up and Running Renewable Energy Coventry 9/1/2016
Icon The Route to Nowhere Department of Transportation Statewide 8/4/2016
Icon A Big Hit Department of Transportation Naragansett Bay 7/28/2016
Icon Mid-Year Update Update Statewide 6/30/2016
Icon Granting Favor General Assembly Statewide 6/23/2016
Icon Looking for Answers Public School Warwick 6/16/2016
Icon Tolling Technology Department of Transportation Statewide 5/26/2016
Icon Taking a Toll Department of Transportation Statewide 5/19/2016
Icon Decision Time Stephanie Manzi Johnston 5/13/2016
Icon Mailing It In Department of Transportation Smithfield 4/28/2016
Icon This Just In... Update Statewide 4/14/2016
Icon A Question of Residency Stephanie Manzi Johnston 3/24/2016
Icon The Rest of the Bunch General Assembly Statewide 3/10/2016
Icon Getting There Coastal Resources Management Council Providence 3/3/2016
Icon No Change Department of Business Regulations West Greenwich 2/25/2016
Icon Renewed Interest Renewable Engergy North Kingstown 2/4/2016
Icon Winds of Change Renewable Energy Providence 1/28/2016
Icon Too Little Too Late Rhode Island Airport Corporation Providence 1/13/2016
Icon That's a Wrap Update Statewide 12/17/2015
Icon Time to Go Police Major Bruce Moreau Pawtucket 12/3/2015
Icon What's Underneath? Department of Transportation Warwick 11/19/2015
Icon Who's Inspecting the Inspectors? Department of Transportation Warwick 11/12/2015
Icon Not So Cooperative Housing and Urban Development North Kingstown 11/5/2015
Icon Endless Battle Department of Business Regulations Woonsocket 10/15/2015
Icon Sooner or Later Public Schools North Providence 10/8/2015
Icon New Developments Update Statewide 9/24/2015
Icon Pile of Problems Department of Business Regulations West Greenwich 9/10/2015
Icon Sliding Scale of Enforcement Charles Collins Jr. Scituate 9/3/2015
Icon Change in Direction Rhode Island Airport Corporation Warwick 8/6/2015
Icon Divided Loyalty Roger Jalette Woonsocket 7/23/2015
Icon Justice Delayed? Rick's Bar and Grill Woonsocket 7/16/2015
Icon Divided Loyalty Update Statewide 6/25/2015
Icon Divided Interests General Assembly Newport 5/28/2015
Icon The First 100 (Plus) Governor Gina Raimondo Statewide 5/7/2015
Icon The Local Perspective Fire Department Coventry 4/30/2015
Icon A Healthy Challenge Public School Providence 4/23/2015
Icon An Uneasy Adjustment National Grid Statewide 4/16/2015
Icon Where's the State? Department of Business Regulations Statewide 3/26/2015
Icon This Just In.... Update Statewide 3/19/2015
Icon Fine For Her Mayor Lisa Baldeli-Hunt Woonsocket 3/12/2015
Icon From There to Here Speaker Gordon Fox Statewide 3/5/2015
Icon The Mayor's Response Police Major Bruce Moreau Pawtucket 2/19/2015
Icon Enrolled... But Not Covered Healthsource Rhode Island Statewide 2/5/2015
Icon Holding Pattern 911 Statewide 1/22/2015
Icon Governor Raimondo Governor Gina Raimondo Statewide 1/8/2015
Icon Major No-Show Police Major Bruce Moreau Pawtucket 12/4/2014
Icon All in the Family Mayor Lisa Baldeili-Hunt Woonsocket 11/13/2014
Icon Meet the Candidates - Gina Raimondo Governor's Election Statewide 10/30/2014
Icon Meet the Candidates - Allan Fung Governor's Election Statewide 10/23/2014
Icon Meet the Candidates - Bob Healey Governor's Election Statewide 10/16/2014
Icon Conventional Wisdom Elections Statewide 10/9/2014
Icon Friends and Family Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt Woonsocket 10/2/2014
Icon Rounding the Corner Update Statewide 9/25/2014
Icon A Delicate Balance Costal Resource Management Council Narragansett 9/4/2014
Icon Paying the Piper Narragansett Bay Commission Statewide 8/28/2014
Icon Unfinished Business Providence Economic Development Partnership Providence 7/24/2014
Icon Mid-Year Update Update Statewide 6/26/2014
Icon For the Poor and Unfortunate Town Council Barrington 6/19/2014
Icon A Pyrrhic Victory Speaker Gordon Fox Statewide 6/5/2014
Icon Protected Streets Department of Transportation Providence 5/29/2014
Icon What a Waste Healthsource Rhode Island Statewide 5/22/2014
Icon Really? General Assembly Statewide 5/1/2014
Icon Turning the Page University of Rhode Island Statewide 4/10/2014
Icon Squeeze Play University of Rhode Island Statewide 4/3/2014
Icon 1st Quarter Update Update Statewide 3/27/2014
Icon Warm, Safe, and Dry? Public Schools Providence 3/13/2014
Icon Trying to Enroll Healthsource Rhode Island Statewide 2/27/2014
Icon Historic Cost Department of Motor Vehicles Statewide 2/6/2014
Icon Chess on Ice Ocean State Curling Club Statewide 1/30/2014
Icon Free Ride General Assembly Statewide 1/9/2014
Icon Ring in the New... Update Statewide 12/19/2013
Icon See You in Court Zoning Providence 12/12/2013
Icon An Uneasy Coexistence Town Council Coventry 11/21/2013
Icon Where's the City? Zoning Providence 11/14/2013
Icon Ring in the New... Fire Department Coventry 10/24/2013
Icon A (Big) Bump in the Road Department of Transportation Coventry 10/17/2013
Icon Hot off the Presses Update Statewide 9/26/2013
Icon Bonus Police Chief Jeff Furtado Portsmouth 9/19/2013
Icon Compromised Town Council East Providence 9/12/2013
Icon Charge! Renewable Energy Statewide 8/29/2013
Icon All Coming Together Fire Department Cumberland 5/15/2013
Icon Hooking Up Sewer Authority Warwick 8/1/2013
Icon Overwhelming Response Tolls Portsmouth 7/25/2013
Icon Mid-Year Update Update Statewide 6/27/2013
Icon A Work In Progress Department of Transportation Wickford 6/13/2013
Icon Making It Go Away Department of Transportation Barrington 5/30/2013
Icon An Eye on the Water Harbor Master Bristol 5/22/2013
Icon A Second Dwelling Selectman Arastou Mahjoory Somerset 5/9/2013
Icon A Question of Disclosure Speaker Gordon Fox Providence 5/2/2013
Icon Getting Their Say Marijuana Portsmouth 4/25/2013
Icon Where to Go? Gun Rights Exeter 4/11/2013
Icon This Just In Update Statewide 3/28/2013
Icon Under the Radar General Assembly Statewide 3/14/2013
Icon Payback Department of Labor and Training Statewide 2/28/2013
Icon Testing the Wind Renewable Energy Statewide 2/21/2013
Icon Getting Through Department of Labor and Training Statewide 1/31/2013
Icon Where Horse Meets Humanity Department of Parks and Recreation Coventry 1/24/2013
Icon Right of Way Town Council East Providence 1/17/2013
Icon The First Year Mayor Taveras Providence 1/5/2012
Icon Hidden Truth Department of Transportation Barrington 1/12/2012
Icon (Re)Callling Mayor Flannigan Mayor Flannigan Fall River 1/19/2012
Icon Chained In New England Laborer's Construction Career Academy Cranston 1/26/2012
Icon In Limbo Department of Administration RI Statehouse 2/9/2012
Icon Wrestling for Answers Interscholastic League Providence 2/16/2012
Icon A Question of Enforcement Department of Environmental Management Providence 2/23/2012
Icon The Union Perspective State Pension Statewide 3/1/2012
Icon The Tax-Free Spirit General Assembly Statewide 3/8/2012
Icon EZ Money Rhode Island Bridge and Turnpike Authority Newport 3/22/2012
Icon Quarterly Update Update Statewide 3/29/2012
Icon Last Chance Providence Public Safety Providence 4/5/2012
Icon Standard Deductions General Assembly Statewide 4/12/2012
Icon Too Close for Comfort Department of Corrections Providence 4/26/2012
Icon All Aboard Department of Transportation Wickford 5/3/2012
Icon Tale of the Turbines Narragansett Bay Commission Providence 5/10/2012
Icon Communication Breakdown Providence City Council Providence 5/24/2012
Icon Open Space Department of Environmental Management Statewide 5/31/2012
Icon The Math of a Merger Coventry Fire District Coventry 6/14/2012
Icon Murky Waters Department of Enviromental Management Warwick 6/21/2012
Icon Mid-Year Update Update Statewide 6/28/2012
Icon Mopping Up Providence Economic Development Partnership Providence 7/19/2012
Icon A Lot of Green Department of Transportation Quonset Point 7/26/2012
Icon Protecting the Investment Department of Transportation Providence 8/16/2012
Icon Thanks... But No Thanks Department of Veterans Affairs Block Island 8/23/2012
Icon Day and Night Fire Department North Kingstown 9/13/2012
Icon From There to Here Mayor Moreau Central Falls 9/20/2012
Icon Phantom Address Providence Economic Development Partnership Providence 9/27/2012
Icon Day and Night Fire Department North Kingstown 9/13/2012
Icon Third Anniversary Update Statewide 10/18/2012
Icon What is Affordable? Town Council Barrington 10/25/2012
Icon Buyout Providence Water Supply Providence 11/15/2012
Icon Family Plan Fire Department Pawtucket 11/29/2012
Icon Meet the Candidates Elections Central Falls 12/6/2012
Icon Meet the Candidates Elections Central Falls 12/6/2012
Icon Meet the Candidates Elections Central Falls 12/6/2012
Icon Year-End Review Update Statewide 12/20/2012
Image “That’s a Wrap” Update Statewide 12/28/2011
Image “The Cost of Transparency” Bristol County Water Authority Bristol 12/8/2011
Image “An Island Unto Itself” Town Council Block Island 12/1/2011
Image “Risky Business” Providence Economic Development Corporation Providence 11/17/2011
Image “A Bridge To…” Quonset Business Park Narragansett 11/10/2011
Image “Change Orders” Mayor William Flanagan Fall River 10/27/2011
Image “Block Island Update” Town Council Block Island 10/20/2011
Image “That’s a Wrap” Town Council Block Island 10/13/2011
Image “Disclosure” Town Council East Providence 10/6/2011
Image “New Details” Update Statewide 9/29/2011
Image “Quick Start” Secretary of State Ralph Mollis Statewide 9/15/2011
Image “Identity Crisis” U.S. Attorney Statewide 9/8/2011
Image “A Taxing Situation” Division of Taxation Statewide 8/18/2011
Image “A Matter of Timing Part 2” Department of Environmental Management South Kingstown 8/11/2011
Image “Details Details” Police Department Statewide 8/4/2011
Image “Striking a Balance” Public Safety Commission Providence 7/22/2011
Image “Rough Waters” Port of Providence Providence 7/14/2011
Image “Another Way” Tom Lazieh Central Falls 6/30/2011
Image “A Matter of Timing” Department of Transportation Newport 6/23/2011
Image “Mid-Year Update” Update Statewide 6/16/2011
Image “Don’t Count On It” General Assembly Statewide 6/9/2011
Image “Inspect This” Department of Labor and Training Statewide 6/2/2011
Image “Breaking News” Michael Costello Rehoboth 5/23/2011
Image “Showdown with the State” Department of Environmental Management Portsmouth 5/12/2011
Image “A Difficult Path” City Hall Providence 5/5/2011
Image “Unfinished Business” Police Department Rehoboth 4/28/2011
Image “Better Than Expected” Bay Commission Narragansett Bay 4/21/2011
Image “911… Please Hold” 911 Statewide 4/14/2011
Image “Under the Radar” General Assembly Statewide 4/7/2011
Image “Breaking News” Police Department Rehoboth 4/4/2011
Image “Update” Police Department Rehoboth 4/1/2011
Image “Quarterly Update” Update Statewide 3/24/2011
Image “Listen to This” Police Chief Stephen Enos Rehoboth 3/10/2011
Image “Breaking News” Police Chief Stephen Enos Rehoboth 3/6/2011
Image “Missing in Action” Police Chief Stephen Enos Rehoboth 3/3/2011
Image “Disclosure” City Council Pawtucket 2/24/2011
Image “Left in Limbo” Police Department Pawtucket 2/10/2011
Image “Another Look” Town Council Rehoboth 2/4/2011
Image “Some Investigation” Town Council Rehoboth 1/27/2011
Image “”Net Metering Renewable Energy Statewide 1/20/2011
Image “A Lot of Wind” Renewable Energy North Kingstown 1/13/2011
Image “It’s Official” Governor Lincoln Chafee Statewide 1/6/2011
Image “It’s Official” Update Statewide 12/20/2010
Image “Lost and Found” Fire Department Providence 12/16/2010
Image “Flexing his Muscle” Frank Manfredi North Providence 12/9/2010
Image “Lame Ducks” Town Council Foster 12/2/2010
Image “A Matter of Examption” David Cicilline Providence 11/18/2010
Image “Another Taxing Question” Daniel Patterson Exeter 11/11/2010
Image “Meet the Candidates” John Robitsaille Statewide 10/28/2010
Image “Meet the Candidates” Frank Caprio Statewide 10/28/2010
Image “Meet the Candidates” Ken Block Statewide 10/21/2010
Image “Meet the Candidates” Lincoln Chafee Statewide 10/21/2010
Image “Meet the Candidates” Gubernatorial Candidates Statewide 10/28/2010
Image “Meet the Candidates” Alice Brady North Providence 10/14/2010
Image “First Anniversary” Update Statewide 10/7/2010
Image “This Just In” Update Statewide 9/30/2010
Image “A Healthy Benefit” City Council Warwick 9/23/2010
Image “Ready for Inspection” Fire District Central Falls 9/16/2010
Image “Another Taxing Question” Angelo Padula West Warwick 9/9/2010
Image “Permit Me” Michael Coogan Fall River 9/1/2010
Image “(Some) Help on the Way” Amtrak Providence 8/19/2010
Image “Permit Me” James Halley North Kingstown 8/12/2010
Image “One on One” Mark Pfiffer Central Falls 8/5/2010
Image “Living Free” Department of Environmental Management Bristol 7/29/2010
Image “Revenue Raid” General Assembly Statewide 7/22/2010
Image “New Information” RI Association of Fire Chiefs Statewide 7/15/2010
Image “New Information” Update Statewide 7/1/2010
Image “Working and Collecting” David Arruda East Providence 6/24/2010
Image “The State’s Response” Department of Environmental Management Warwick 6/17/2010
Image “Power Play” Public Schools Central Falls 6/10/2010
Image “Permit Me” Mayoral Academy Cumberland 6/3/2010
Image “The Right Reimbursement” David Cicillini Providence 5/27/2010
Image “Under the Radar – The Sequel” General Assembly Statewide 5/20/2010
Image “The Piece of Art” Rhode Island Art Project Statewide 5/13/2010
Image “Politics of a Prison” Wyatt Detention Center Central Falls 5/6/2010
Image “Calling it a Career” Rhode Island Family Court Statewide 4/29/2010
Image “Security of Convenience?” General Assembly Providence 4/22/2010
Image “Cashing In” Police Department Central Falls 4/14/2010
Image “A Case of Contamination” Department of Environmental Management Warwick 4/8/2010
Image “Under the Radar – The Sequel” Mayor Charles Moreau Central Falls 4/1/2010
Image “Under the Radar – The Sequel” Update Statewide 3/25/2010
Image “Under the Radar” General Assembly Statewide 3/18/2010
Image “A Chilling Effect” David Cicilline Providence 3/11/2010
Image “What About the Others?” David Cicilline Providence 3/4/2010
Image “The Cost of Security” David Cicilline Providence 2/25/2010
Image “No Bid No Problem” Town Council Central Falls 2/18/2010
Image “In for a Dollar” Mayor Charles Moreau Central Falls 2/1/2010
Image “A Taxing Question” David Cicilline Providence 2/4/2010
Image “The AG’s Perspective” Patrick Lynch Central Falls 1/28/2010
Image “One Sweet Deal” Mayor Charles Moreau Central Falls 1/21/2010
Image “A Conflicted Story” Mayor Charles Moreau Central Falls 1/14/2010
Image “Sick Bonuses” Mayor Scott Avedisian Warwick 1/7/2010
Image “Whatever Happened?” Update Statewide 12/31/2009
Image “Cracks in the Concrete” Department of Transportation Barrington 12/17/2009
Image “Putting a Finger on the Problem” Department of Administration Statewide 12/10/2009
Image “Cracks in the Concrete” Amtrak station Providence 11/13/2009
Image “Lights are on But Nobody’s Home” Department of Corrections Cranston 11/3/2009
Image “Block Island Brouhaha” Harbormaster Block Island 10/29/2009
Image “Signs of the Times” Department of Transportation Statewide 10/22/2009
Image “Million Dollar MIstake” Police Department Woonsocket 10/15/2009

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