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Sponsors of our TV programs recieve recognization on the pre and post roll videos linked to our reports aired to over 90,000 people weekly on theRhode Island Public Broadcast Service. For more information about becoming a sponsor of our TV programs please contact Bill Felkner.The Hummel Report Spotlight feature airs weekly on the Rhode Island Pubic Broadcast Service. The Spotlight series shines the camera on community heroes and sponsors will be branded with this effort.

The Hummel Report video debuts every Tuesday at 9:50 PM and will be aired a minimum of 6 times per week. Your sponsorship will be recognized by a pre-roll or post-roll video segment running before or after the Hummel Spotlight and will be seen by an average of 90,000 PBS viewers per week.

PBS viewers are unique in the sense that they greatly value their corporate sponsors and they believe those sponsors are fully dedicated to quality and excellence, which in turn builds loyalty among viewers to the products offered by those sponsors. According to a recent study cited by, television sponsorship has a “greater impact on the emotional/implicit mind than the rational/conscious mind and both make brands famous and increase purchase intent, favorability, and ‘for me-ness’.” According to a poll on, a majority of PBS viewers believed that sponsoring companies are industry leaders, which in turn, persuades them to purchase from PBS sponsors.

Sponsor messages invariably stand out to the viewer due to Public TV’s uncluttered environment. For more information about becoming a sponsor of our TV programs please contact Bill Felkner.


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